Measles and rubella vaccination coverage in Haiti, 2012: progress towards verifying and challenges to maintaining measles and rubella elimination.

Vaccination coverage surveys - Publication abstract: OBJECTIVES: We conducted a nationwide survey to assess measles containing vaccine (MCV) coverage among children aged 1-9 years in Haiti and identify factors associated with vaccination before and during the 2012 nationwide supplementary immunisation activities (SIA). METHODS: Haiti was stratified into five geographic regions (Metropolitan Port-au-Prince, North, Centre, South and West), 40 clusters were randomly selected in each region, and 35 households were selected per cluster. RESULTS: Among the 7000 visited households, 75.8% had at least one child aged 1-9 years; of these, 5279 (99.5%) households consented to participate in the survey. Of 9883 children enrolled, 91% received MCV before and/or during the SIA; 31% received MR for the first time during the SIA, and 50.7% received two doses of MCV (one before and one during the 2012 SIA). Among the 1685 unvaccinated children during the SIA, the primary reason of non-vaccination was caregivers

Tropical Medicine and International Health

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