Publication: Diaz-Ortega Salud Publica Mex 2013 (Mexico)

Vaccination coverage surveys - Publication abstract:Objective. To assess vaccination coverage of children and adolescents. Materials and methods. Study based on National Health and Nutrition Survey 2012. Results. Coverage in <1 year old infants was <70% for 3 vaccines and <50% for 5. In 15-23 months-olds infants coverage was 59.8% for four vaccines and 51% for six. In 6-year-olds coverage was 93.2% for 1 dose of MMR, and was below 50% for three vaccines in adolescents. Proportion of non-vaccinated individuals was 4.7% in <1-year-olds, 0.2% in 15-23-month-olds, 6.8% in 6-year-olds and 37% in adolescents. Coverage for BCG, HB, and Pneumococcal vaccines in <1-year-olds, and MMR in 15-23-month-olds was >80%. No health insurance and maternal or adolescent illiteracy were explanatory variables for incomplete schema. Conclusions. Results suggest it is necessary to strengthen information systems, health promotion, training, and daily vaccination without restrictive schedules, ensuring timely and adequ

Mexico Salud Publica Mex

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