Maternal recall error of child vaccination status in a developing nation.

Vaccination coverage surveys - Publication abstract: In the absence of vaccination card data, Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) managers sometimes ask mothers for their children's vaccination histories. The magnitude of maternal recall error and its potential impact on public health policy has not been investigated. In this study of 1171 Costa Rican mothers, we compare mothers' recall with vaccination card data for their children younger than 3 years. Analyses of vaccination coverage distributions constructed with recall and vaccination-card data show that recall can be used to estimate population coverage. Although the two data sources are correlated (r = .71), the magnitude of their difference can affect the identification of the vaccination status of an individual child. Maternal recall error was greater than two doses 14% of the time. This error is negatively correlated with the number of doses recorded on the vaccination card (r = -.61) and is weakly correlated with the child's age (r = -.35). Mo

Am J Pub Health

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