An Assessment of the Quality of National Child Immunization Coverage Estimates in Population-based Surveys

Vaccination coverage surveys - Publication abstract: Background This study aims to assess of the quality of child immunization coverage estimates obtained in 101 national population-based surveys in mostly developing countries. Methods The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and UNICEF's Multiple Indicator Cluster Sample (MICS) surveys provide national immunization coverage estimates for children aged 12-23 months once every three to five years in many developing countries. The data are collected by interview from a nationally representative sample of households. 83 DHS and 18 MICS surveys were included. Findings 85% of mothers reported that they had ever received a health card for their child. 81% still had the card at the time of the interview, and nearly two-thirds of these presented the card to the interviewer. Cards were therefore observed for 55% of children overall. Rural and less educated mothers were less likely to report receiving health cards. Recall of additional immunizations by mothers that

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