Development and release of a national immunization app for Canada (ImmunizeCA).

Digital technology has created an opportunity to reenvision the traditional immunization paper record. We describe our experience developing a government endorsed mobile immunization record in Canada. The smartphone app- ImmunizeCA is designed to assist individuals in managing their own health information. It allows individuals to store their and their family's immunization records on their smartphone. The app- which is populated by data provided by the user- contains all 13 provincial and territorial schedules- immunization information and outbreak alerts on vaccine preventable diseases. Our experience suggests mobile apps can serve as a mechanism to empower users- increase participation in the process of immunization- potentially improve immunization rates and address jurisdictional obstacles. Key measures of success will include long term uptake- acceptability as an official record- enabling data flow permitting integration with immunization information systems and the ability to rapidly iterate to address


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