Impact of partial bivalent HPV vaccination on vaccine-type infection: a population-based analysis

BACKGROUND: Data on the effectiveness of one dose of HPV vaccine are lacking, particularly in population-based settings. Data from a national HPV immunisation catch-up programme of 14-18-year-old girls were used to assess the effectiveness of<3 doses of the bivalent vaccine on vaccine-type and cross-reactive-type HPV infection. METHODS: Cervical samples from women attending for their first cervical smear, which had been genotyped for HPV as part of a longitudinal HPV surveillance programme were linked to immunisation records to establish the number of vaccine doses (0, 1, 2 and 3) administered. Vaccine effectiveness (VE) adjusted for deprivation and age at first dose, was assessed for prevalent HPV 16/18 and HPV 31/33/45 infection. RESULTS: VE for prevalent HPV 16/18 infection associated with 1, 2 and 3 doses was 48.2% (95% CI 16.8, 68.9), 54.8% (95% CI 30.7, 70.8) and 72.8% (95% CI 62.8, 80.3). Equivalent VE for prevalent HPV 31/33/45 infection was -1.62% (95% CI -85.1, 45.3), 48.3% (95% CI 7.6, 71.8) a

British journal of cancer

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