Microplanning for Immunization: How to Strengthen Every Step of Your Process (online course)

As part of the Immunization eLearning Initiative, UNICEF and WHO announce the availability of a new online course for Microplanning. This type of planning is an important tool to ensure that immunization reaches every community. Many immunization staff members develop and/or participate in microplans, but this course will help you to ensure that it is being done effectively. The course provides a series of mini-lessons that look at each step of the microplanning process and evaluate your own health centre microplanning maps, forms, and tables. After you’ve finished the self-evaluation, you’ll be guided through a process to strengthen each step of the microplanning process. Access this course, and all other Immunization eLearning Initiative courses, via UNICEF's online learning portal, Agora, at https://agora.unicef.org/. Non-UNICEF staff can select login and register as a guest. Locate the courses by entering "immunization" in the search window.

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Added on: 23 August, 2016
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