UNICEF Agora online courses on: MDVP, VVM, Microplanning & Temp Monitoring in Cold chain

The Immunization eLearning Initiative, developed by WHO and UNICEF, now offers four rapid e-courses that can be taken in less than one hour. These courses include: Multi-Dose Vial Policy, Vaccine Vial Monitors, Microplanning for Immunization, and Temperature Monitoring in the Vaccine Cold Chain. Anyone working in support of immunization can access these courses by using UNICEF's online learning portal, Agora, at https://agora.unicef.org/. Select login. Register as a guest. Enter "immunization" in the search window to locate all Immunization eLearning Initiative courses. You may consider making these courses part of your organization’s professional development planning recommendations.

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Added on: 14 September, 2016
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