Decommissioning and safe disposal of cold chain equipment

This guidance's objectives are to: 1. Raise the level of awareness and contribute to capacity building on issues associated with decommissioning and disposal by providing an overview of CCE decommissioning and disposal challenges and issues, as well as background information on safe and proper practices. 2. Share key resources related to decommissioning and safe disposal, including references and tools on policy and regulatory requirements, technical practices, and financial surety mechanisms designed to guarantee the implementation of decommissioning and disposal obligations. 3. Disseminate a generic CCE decommissioning and safe disposal guideline and process roadmap, promoting a proactive approach of “thinking with the end in mind,” that may be of interest to government authorities seeking to strengthen CCE decommissioning and disposal strategies, as well as to CCE manufacturers. Note: This guidance is not meant to supersede local, regional or national laws regarding CCE decommissioning and

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