Target Software Standards for Vaccine Supply Chain Information Systems

This is a global standards document for immunisation supply chain (iSC) information systems. The objectives of this Target Software Standards (TSS) are to ensure countries have access to: 1. Best-in-Class digital LMIS that meet the unique needs of the iSC and a country’s particular supply chain design and strategy; 2. Choice in software hosting, administration, and value-added business intelligence services; 3. A range of cost models that enable cost-benefit analysis of different solutions and sustainable total cost of ownership. While the TSS is focused on vaccines by encompassing cold chain equipment and temperature monitoring data, the standards can be applied to any other pharmaceutical products that requires an LMIS. Gavi has collaborated with The Global Fund and other development partners to ensure that the TSS supports essential medicines, programme products, and diagnostic supplies in the Global Health supply chain. Countries are encouraged to use the Target Software Standards when determi

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