Assessment of MyChild Solution in The Gambia: Data quality, administrative time efficiency, operation costs, and users’ experiences and perceptions.

Health Management Information System (HMIS) is an important building block of any health system. Robust and efficient Health Management Information Systems that ensure good quality data are essential for sound decision making. Individualized electronic health records are becoming more and more common in Health Management Information Systems. A new HMIS, MyChild Solution, was recently introduced in 18 health service delivery points (of 4 health facilities): 4 fixed sites and 14 outreach sites for preventive child health services. As a pilot project, it was necessary to assess MyChild Solution. This assessment is as a result of that need. The goal of this assessment is to assess: 1) the data quality and verification time, 2) administrative time efficiency, 3) annual operating costs, and 4) users’ experiences and perceptions associated with MyChild Solution so as to provide useful information in guiding decisions to scale up the intervention in The Gambia.

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