Measuring impact of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influnzae type b conjugate vaccination

This manual describes approaches to measuring pneumococcal and Hib conjugate vaccine impact and a framework for determining the best methodology for measuring that impact for different country or epidemiologic settings. This document is divided into five sections that contain a brief description of pneumococcal and Hib disease and their associated conjugate vaccines, approaches to assessing their impact using surveillance data and vaccine effectiveness studies, and a framework for deciding the most appropriate method for the setting. The annexes provide protocols and data collection instruments that would accompany the studies described in the main body of the document, specifically a prototype protocol for a case-control study to assess pneumococcal conjugate vaccine effectiveness against invasive pneumococcal disease. This prototype protocol can be adapted for Hib vaccine, submitted to Institutional Review Boards and implemented following site-specific modifications.

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