WHO Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control Costing Tool (C4P)

WHO IVB has developed a generic costing and planning tool for cervical cancer prevention and control. The WHO Cervical Cancer Prevention and Costing (C4P) tool has been developed specifically to assist low and middle income countries (LMICs) in planning cervical cancer control strategies. The tool has been built in MS Excel and consists of two independent modules: - HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination of 9-13 year old girls. - Cervical cancer screening and treatment for women. Both modules generate financial and economic costing estimates for programmes, either to project future costs or to retrospectively evaluate programme spending. The output is displayed in terms of total cost, cost per fully immunised girl (FIG), and cost per dose. Costs are also broken down by cost component and recurrent/capital costs; see the user guide for further information. The tool also provides access to transparent underlying calculations and assumptions. The tool is pre-populated with the required data, and linked t

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