BLN Webinar: Reaching Every District incorporating Quality Improvement (RED-QI)

The BID Learning Network (BLN) hosted a webinar which elaborated on RED-QI (Reaching Every District incorporating Quality Improvement approaches). The “RED-QI” approach is a process that supports addressing larger priority problems (e.g. persistently high drop-out rates) using small, rapid, doable changes that can be quickly tested and evaluated for adoption, adaption, or abandonment at the local level. Ethiopia and Uganda have used this approach to improve immunization programs. The webinar highlighted three speakers who have worked extensively with this approach and are able to share insights into the utility of RED-QI. They elaborate how health care providers have had their capacity built to use quality improvement approaches to strengthen immunization programs through seeking out and sharing successful solutions. RED-QI is a versatile approach that can be applied beyond improving immunization programs and can be used to improve other health service interventions. This webinar offered practical informa

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