Vaccine Vial Monitor (VVM)-based vaccine management

This presentation was used during the TechNet-21 webinar on vaccine vial monitor (VVM)-based vaccine management, on the occasion of the publishing of “The Book of VVM: Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow” by Umit Kartoglu. During this webinar, the presenters discussed the critical role of VVM in vaccine management policies as well as the VVM shaping the future of the (digitized) cold chain. The presenters were: - Umit Kartoglu, Co-founder and CEO, Extensio et Progressio, Collonge-Bellerive, Switzerland (author of The Book of VVM) - Debbie Kristensen, Director of Vaccine Technology, Strategy, and Policy / Medical Devices and Health Technologies, PATH, Geneva, Switzerland - Ted Prusik, Co-founder and Senior Vice President, Temptime Corporation, Morris Plains, NJ, USA


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