Slideshow for BLN webinar: Introducing the BID Learning Network Data Quality and Use Collaborative

Since 2014, the BLN has been bringing African countries together through peer learning, to identify and share tested solutions related to data collection, quality, and use. Designed as part of the BID Initiative, the BLN aims to empower countries to enhance immunization service delivery. The BLN recently partnered with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to form the BLN/Gavi Data Quality and Use Collaborative (the DQU Collaborative) to work with countries within the WHO/AFRO region to improve immunization data quality and use through peer-to-peer learning and interaction. The DQU Collaborative will enable collective problem analysis and design of interventions to address these problems among participating countries. The DQU Collaborative will intentionally work with other initiatives such as the WHO Academy to identify opportunities for learning and capacity building. The ultimate goal of the DQU Collaborative is to increase equity and coverage for immunization services in Gavi-supported countries through improved

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