Promoting Equitable Health Product Access

VillageReach and JSI discussed in a TechNet webinar how supply chains can be adapted to be more responsive to the needs of under-served populations. Too often, vaccines and other essential health products are not available when and where they are needed, particularly in under-served populations. With COVID-19 disruptions to routine immunization leaving an estimated 80 million children at risk for diseases like measles, diphtheria and polio, ensuring vaccines can reach all children is more critical than ever. VillageReach has developed a four-step guide for governments and implementing partners to purposefully consider equity in supply chain design, with a particular focus on reaching four populations: the urban poor, people living in conflict settings, remote or rural populations and migrants. Join us for a review of the guidance, and an example from JSI’s work of what these adaptations can look like in practice.


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