New guidance for managing health care waste produced by your immunisation program: Presentation of the platform

This is the 2nd presentation of a TechNet webinar lead by Gavi and UNICEF on health care waste management with a focus on the immunisation program. As immunisation increasingly reaches more people, health care waste (HCW) also grows. Certain types of HCW can pose significant environmental and public health risks due to its toxic, infectious, and other hazardous properties. The presenters will highlight two new tools to help the planning and implementation of best practices for waste management: • Gavi’s Health Care Waste Management in Immunisation Programs: Guidance for Proposal Planning. This guide (and the accompanying Synthesis and Maturity Model) encourages countries to address health care waste management (HCWM) through a coordinated effort across many entities within the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Environment (MOE), other government units, local authorities responsible for waste management, partners, and even the private sector. This guide was designed to help you to prepare and plan y


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