VM 1000 RTMD

The VM1000 control unit supports: 1. A maximum of 4 wired & 4 wireless probes, or 8 probes in total 2. Power status monitoring 3. Room Temperature & Humidity Monitoring 4. Door Monitoring 5. Interactive color LCD to monitor and control the RTMD 6. SMS, Email, Audio Alerts 7. Can be used with a local or international sim card 8. SD Card for data storage 9. Internal battery backup, 3 to 5-year lifespan 10. Device firmware can be upgraded over the air at no cost to the customer 11. GPS enabled Our solution includes a full turnkey solution and services to meet your requirements, inclusive of system installation, training and maintenance. Each VM1000 and each probe can be remotely configured and managed individually by our cloud-based platform “Myfridgeonline.com” which can be accessed via a Web browser on PC, tablet or smartphone. The system generates configurable reports and configurable alerts with escalations, that are distributed by email, SMS as well as giving an audible notification

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Added on: 04 December, 2020
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