Vaccinating America’s children: A job for orthopaedic surgeons & other non-primary care specialists?

Clinical scenario An 11-year-old girl is brought to the local orthopaedic sports medicine clinic for evaluation of acute onset left knee pain and swelling. She was playing soccer in the yard with her family when she landed awkwardly on her left knee. The patient experienced a “popping” sensation with knee-buckling and a fall. At the clinic, physical examination is notable for a positive Lachman test and anterior drawer test. One week later, the patient’s magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) confirms a complete ACL tear. As the orthopaedic surgeon is discussing the patient’s diagnosis and reviewing her medical history, it becomes clear that several vaccinations have been missed [1]. Upon further questioning, the father explains they had avoided their scheduled clinic visits with the pediatrician because of uneasiness around visiting the pediatrician’s office during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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