The Health Benefits of Rotavirus Immunization for Children in Palestine: Results of a Vaccine Impact Analysis

Rotavirus vaccination in Palestine has significantly reduced the burden of diarrhea among children, and the benefits were sustained through a vaccine product switch. In 2018, the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) decided to switch from ROTARIX® to ROTAVAC® in their immunization program. Building on previous surveillance work, PATH worked with the Rostropovich Vishnevskaya Foundation and the MOH to study health indicators for two years following the switch to ROTAVAC in order to confirm the continued health benefits of the rotavirus immunization program. This brief presents the results of this impact analysis, which confirm the significant benefit that the rotavirus immunization program has had on reducing the disease burden caused by rotavirus in Palestine. Corporate author(s): PATH, Rostropovich Vishnevskaya Foundation, Palestinian Ministry of Health Publication date: August 2021

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