The role of home-based records in the establishment of a continuum of care for mothers- newborns- and children in Indonesia.

BACKGROUND: The provision of appropriate care along the continuum of maternal- newborn- and child health (MNCH) service delivery is a challenge in developing countries. To improve this- in the 1990s- Indonesia introduced the maternal and child health (MCH) handbook- as an integrated form of parallel home-based records. OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to identify the roles of home-based records both before and after childbirth- especially in provinces where the MCH handbook (MCHHB) was extensively promoted- by examining their association with MNCH service uptake. DESIGN: This was a cross-sectional study using nationally representative data sets- the Indonesia Demographic and Health Surveys (IDHSs) from 1997- 2002-2003- and 2007. The IDHS identifies respondents' ownership of home-based records before and after childbirth. Multivariate logistic regression was used to examine associations between record ownership and service utilisation in national data and data from two provinces- West Sumatra and North Sulawesi- w

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