Data at your fingertips: how to best use your 30 Day Temperature Recorder (30DTR) data

In this session, we will review the technical aspects of 30DTR (FridgeTag). And you will learn how to optimize your 30DTR data through using support tools such as the Varo App and Pogo App, which are simple and free apps which collects the data, forwards it to an inbox of your choice, and aggregates it into easy-to-use reports.


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Additional information on 30DTR for Ultra Low temperature range: 44min into the video there is a question whether Fridge-tag can be used for the ultra cold chain?\n\nIn addition to the answer given: there is a Fridge-tag Ultra Low especially for the ultra cold temperature range. The PQS Standard that includes ultra low temperatures is under development so there is not (yet) a PQS pre-qualification. UNICEF has a long term agreement for the Fridge-tag Ultra Low with the manufacturer Berlinger. More information can be obtained via UNICEF Supply Division, or the website of Berlinger. Hendrik 26/11/2021