Using long-range freeze-preventive vaccine carriers in Nepal: A study of equipment performance, acceptability, systems fit, and cost

Preventing vaccine freezing is one of the biggest challenges in vaccine management. Until 2018, vaccine carriers used in the immunization program lacked features to prevent vaccine freezing. Freeze-preventive vaccine carriers (FPVCs) have an engineered liner that buffers vaccines from direct exposure to frozen ice packs. A field evaluation of three FPVCs was conducted in 24 health posts in eastern Nepal. The objective was to evaluate the FPVCs’ performance, acceptability, systems fit, and cost, to inform prequalification and introduction planning. The study was carried out in two phases: in the first phase, FPVCs containing dummy vaccines (labeled “Not for Human Use”) were transported to outreach sessions along with a standard vaccine carrier (SVC); in the second phase, the FPVCs were used for transporting vaccines taken to outreach sessions and used for vaccinating eligible children. The study gathered quantitative and qualitative data from health workers, logbooks, and electronic temperature monitors

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