Policy vs Practice: Two modes that reflect decision-making in the Kenyan health system

This webinar is a third in a series of mini 30-minute webinars sharing their initial findings from the Vx Data Insights research in Kenya. This Human-Centered Design study is a joint effort between the two organizations and the Ministry of Health in Kenya, aimed at understanding the challenges around collecting and using data for decision-making in delivering immunization services. In this webinar, the team will take you through their learnings about the two modes of decision-making in the Kenyan health system. Through key insights and illustrative examples, they will describe the 2 decision-making modes used for decision making: extensive planning and budgeting activities that closely follow policy versus the reactive, rapid and informal nature of how decisions are often made on the ground to respond to urgent and unmet needs . For more information about the work, you can download the initial Kenya findings report.

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