The switch from ROTARIX to ROTAVAC in Ghana: Answers to four key questions

In 2020, Ghana's switched from ROTARIX to ROTAVAC in its routine immunization program in order to save money and cold chain space. An economic analysis of this switch, conducted by PATH, the University of Ghana, and Ghana Health Service, found that the switch was indeed cost-saving for Ghana. The results may be of interest to other countries considering similar rotavirus vaccine product switches. In 2020, Ghana switched from using ROTARIX® to ROTAVAC® in its national immunization program. PATH worked with Ghana Health Service and the University of Ghana to analyze the economic implications of this switch. These four fact sheets explore the key results of these analyses, collectively providing a case study on Ghana’s rotavirus vaccine product switch. (Manuscript pending submission to a peer-reviewed journal.) Corporate author(s): PATH Publication date: May 2022

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