Early Lessons From Ethiopia in Establishing a Data Triangulation Process to Analyze Immunization Program and Supply Data for Decision Making

Strengthening data use and quality is critical to achieving high, equitable immunization coverage. One approach that is being increasingly recognized as effective in improving data use and quality is data triangulation, which can provide more information for decision making in public health programs. In Ethiopia, immunization program data has had ongoing quality challenges, including timeliness, completeness, and accuracy. Some data are reported through different systems to different departments, and coordination between departments is limited. JSI, through the Universal Immunization through Improving Family Health Services (UI-FHS) project, introduced a data review process and an Excel tool for triangulating immunization program data and vaccine supply data to improve data quality and programmatic decision making. The user-friendly Immunization Data Triangulation Tool (IDTT) provides decision-support information—such as scoring of districts based on performance—and suggests follow-up actions. It al

Global Health: Science and Practice
Global Health: Science and Practice
June 2022

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