Vaccination coverage in India: A small area estimation approach

Information on population health indicators in India come from a number of surveys that vary in periodicity- scope and detail. In the case of immunization- the most recent coverage indicators are derived from the first round of Annual Health Survey (AHS-1- 2010-11)- but these were conducted only in 9 of 35 states and union territories. The most recent national surveys of immunization coverage were conducted in 2009 (Coverage Evaluation Survey) by UNICEF. Therefore- reliable immunization coverage data for the entire country since 2009 is lacking. We used an established approach of small area estimation to predict coverage rates of several vaccinations for the remaining 26 states (not covered by AHS-1) in 2011. In our method- we considered a linear mixed model that combines data from five cross sectional surveys representing five different time points. Our model encompasses sampling error of the survey estimates- area specific random effects- autocorrelated area by time random effects and hence- borrows strengt

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