Vaccine coverage estimation using a computerized vaccination registry with potential underreporting and a seroprevalence study.

OBJECTIVE: To develop a method to estimate vaccination coverage using both a computerized vaccine registry with an unknown underreporting rate and a seroprevalence study. A real example of a meningococcal C conjugate vaccine (MCCV) coverage estimation is studied to illustrate the proposed methodology. METHODS: We reviewed the Vaccine Information System of Valencia (Sistema de Información Vacunal, SIV) for the MCCV status of 1430 subjects aged 3–29 years as part of a seroprevalence study. When MCCV was not registered in SIV, subjects were classified into three groups (MCCV non-registered, no vaccination records and missing information) depending on the registry of other vaccines. A Bayesian model was developed to ascertain the percentage of MCCV-vaccinated subjects based on the meningococcal C seroprotection levels from the seroprevalence study. RESULTS The seroprotection levels in subjects with no MCCV registered in SIV (358) were similar to those in subjects with MCCV registered (1072). This indicat

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