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Dr. Danish Ahmed
India: Dry run testing Covid-19 vaccine introduction planning and processes
Ministry of Health
India_Description of the COVID-19 vaccination electronic platform for registration and reporting
MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity
India: Proven and promising strategies for enhancing vaccine confidence and uptake and risk communication and community engagement with an emphasis on high-risk and vulnerable groups
Gemma Orta-Martinez, Andrew Brown, Srihari Dutta
TechNet Conference 2015: Managing the supply chain (2 of 3)
Munjal Kothari
Special Features of Blowkings Freeze Free Carriers 1) Lowest Fully Loaded Weight 5.5 Kgs 2) Fastest Cool Down Time 3) Requier 0.4 L standard Ice Packs 4) Uses Ready to Go Technology
AOV with R&D support from PATH addressed the problem of vaccine freezing by incorporating an inner vaccine box made of engineered phase change material (EPCM) into vaccine carrier. When used...