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Home-based record (HBR) for Comoros circa 2008
Home-based record (HBR) for Comoros circa 2013
Home-based record (HBR) for Comoros circa 2007
Mogasale V et al.
Cholera is transmitted through the fecal-oral route, and humans are the natural host. It is caused by the ingestion of O1 and less commonly O139 serogroups of the Vibrio cholerae bacterium and...
Mable Carole Tevi-Benissan et al.
Background Significant progress has been made to increase access to vaccines in Africa since the 1974 launch of the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI). Successes include the introduction of...
Catherine Bruckner & Francesco Checchi
Fragile states are home to a sixth of the world\'s population, and their populations are particularly vulnerable to infectious disease outbreaks. Timely surveillance and control are essential to...