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Benjamin Schreiber, Kongxay Phounphen Ghack, Pat Lennon, Benjamin Schreiber, Dadja Essoya Landoh, Denis Maire, Dereje Haile, Khadidiatou Gomis, Nguyen Van Cuong, Ruth Bechtel, Tarkan Yamanoglu
Ranjit Dhiman
Pleased to share the report and PowerPoint presentation on temperature monitoring study of Afghanistan done in 2019 and 2020 over two seasons of summer and winter.
Berlinger & Co. AG
Vaccine monitoring at ultra low temperatures with the Fridge-tag Ultra Low - Quick Info
World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF
WHO Vaccine Management Handbook: How to monitor temperatures in the vaccine supply chain. WHO IVB 15.04
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
The Gavi CCEOP Technology Guide aims to provide you with clear advice on new CCE technologies to help you make purchasing decisions. It is intended for use in health facilities and lower levels of...
LogTag setup brochure or quick start guide. This document is part of the Temperature Monitoring website.
Report from a workshop organised in Madagascar in August 2013 for choosing a 30DTR device and training
This document created by CHAI aims to provide user with information and tools necessary to selection of the appropriate temperature monitoring intervention to ensure the safety of vaccines in their...
Example from the Lao CCIS project of a mapping of the roles and responsibilities against each activity
Example of a table to define roles and responsibilities within Temperature Monitoring
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India
The objective of the Handbook is to enable the Cold Chain Handlers to efficiently manage the vaccines and cold chain system. It aims to equip them with the required technical and practical guidance...
The Cold Chain Support Package (CCSP) provides commercial and technical information to enable an efficient and effective procurement process for Cold Chain products and services
Sophie Newland, Ranjit Dhiman, Ataur Rahman, Sompasong Phongphila, Bharath Kumar, Norasingh Sisouveth, Fahad Pervaiz, Trevor Perrier, Richard Anderson
Report on the CCIS project in Laos, University of Washington, MOH/NIP Laos, HISP India, Unicef Laos, PATH