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World Health Organization (WHO)
The HERAMS App generates data and reports on health facilities (number, type, geographical location, functionality, accessibility) resources for service delivery (human resources, electricity, water...
PATH, Chương trình Tiêm chủng mở rộng Quốc gia Vietnamese: PATH, Chương trình Tiêm chủng mở rộng Quốc gia
Vietnam's experience in the three key stages of EIR implementation (design, development and deployment) is explored to extract facilitators, barriers, and lessons learned for global and local...
BID Initiative
Tanzania’s and Zambia’s national EIRs were one of the most significant and intricate interventions developed to address critical data-related challenges. The creation of a national-level...
PATH, Cục Y tế dự phòng, Chương trình Tiêm chủng Mở rộng Quốc gia, Tập đoàn Công nghiệp Viễn thông Viettel
Nghiên cứu tình huống này ghi chép lại những lợi ích và thách thức trong việc xác định, phát triển và duy trì quan hệ đối tác giữa Nhà khai thác mạng di...
Blaya, Joaquin, Otzoy, Daniel
The term “open source” was coined in 1998 to describe freely available software that allowed for collaboration following certain principles. Over the last 20 years, projects and businesses...
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
This is a global standards document for immunisation supply chain (iSC) information systems. The objectives of this Target Software Standards (TSS) are to ensure countries have access to: 1....
Noam H Arzt
This article focuses on the requirements and current developments in clinical decision support technologies for immunizations (CDSi) in both the public health and clinical communities, with an...
Barry B Hughes et al.
Long-term forecasts of mortality and disease burden are essential for setting current and future health system priorities, yet few forecasts cover a wide range of nations over a long span of time....
Data for Management Working Group
This spreadsheet lists a variety of mobile data collection software and applications used in past projects. It also lists the pilots\' profiles, describing in detail how the piloting took place,...
Klungsoyr- Jorn
This presentation describes Zegeba- a mobile data collection software that can be used in a variety of settings- including mobile health contexts.
Kamadjeu- Raoul & Tolentino- Herman
BACKGROUND: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are powerful communication tools for public health. However- using GIS requires considerable skill and- for this reason- is sometimes limited to...
Vouillamoz- Stephane
Vaccination Tracking Sysmte by Novel-T is an information system that can monitor house-to-house vaccination teams. The background- functionalities- and progress of the project are discussed.
Johnson-Hooker- Anjella
To describe CDC’s Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS), which is a part of NCIRD’s strategic approach to improving the oversight, management and accountability of CDC’s immunization program.
Nanteza- Hajara
This report summarizes the potential use and benefits of mobile data collection technology for the purposes of vaccine supply chain management in Ethiopia.
Milinovich- Gabriel J, Avril- Simon M R, Clements- Archie C A, Brownstein- John S, Tong- Shilu & Hu- Wenbiao
BackgroundInternet-based surveillance systems provide a novel approach to monitoring infectious diseases. Surveillance systems built on internet data are economically- logistically and...
Emery Berg, Bonnie Urquhart, Waqar Haque, Ramandeep Dhanoa
BACKGROUND: Health care organizations gather large volumes of data- which has been traditionally stored in legacy formats making it difficult to analyze or use effectively. Though recent...
The Rockefeller Foundation & VillageReach
A general overview- background- framework- and vision of OpenLMIS.
Wakholi- Peter
This presentation describes the use of mobile data collection tools for the purposes of surveillance work in South Sudan. The process of detecting acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) cases- using text...
John Lloyd, Richard Anderson , Sophie Newland
A brief overview of the CCEM system and its potential to support cold chain management in countries.
Tariq- Muhammad
This presentation discusses some of the history and progress of the vLMIS system in the larger LMIS system that Pakistan has for managing essential medicine supplies. Some of the functionalities of...
Ajay Kumar Goel
An overview of integrating various sources of polio data into a centralized Polio Information System (POLIS). The presentation covers some of the functionalities of the software including detailed...
VillageReach, James Dailey, Ron Pankiewicz, Rick Fant
This document proposes an initial OpenLMIS reference model system architecture based on commonly adopted enterprise software models.
List of functionalities and features supported by OpenLMIS.
A brief description of OpenLMIS background and functionality.
An overview of OpenLMIS background- context- and functionalities.
Pankiewicz- Ron, Waldman- Kate, Mwencha- Marasi, Jsi- Jeff Leiner & Lubinski- David
OpenLMIS is a community-focused initiative to create an open source electronic logistics management information system (LMIS) for health commodity supply chains in low-income countries. ...
This presentation describes the use of mobile data collection technology (Dimagi Commcare) for the purposes of tracking immunization activity for community health workers in India.
Cibulskis- R E, Crouch-Chivers- P R, Pasonai- E, Moni- Coleman & Thomason- J A
This article briefly describes the development of a new software in Papua New Guinea that better links data collection to its use through providing automated analyses on a number of key indicators.
Adriana M. Mann, Sean Palfrey, William G. Adams, William P. Conners
OBJECTIVE: Computer-based immunization tracking is a routine part of many pediatric practices/ however- data quality is inconsistent and entry often relies on dedicated data entry personnel and is...
Lacoul- Mona
This presentation describes Geographic Information Systems used in Nepal to map the occurrence of vaccine preventable diseases and track the performance of immunization programme in Nepal.
University of Oslo
This presentation briefly describes DHIS2- an open-source- web-based software platform that allows for capture- analysis and dissemination of various types of data for immunization programmes-...
Richard Anderson
An overview of of the data standards for cold chain equipment inventory (CCEI)- a tool used by countries to better manage cold chain equipment.
A brief overview of the CCEM system and its potential to support cold chain management in countries.
User manual for using the cold chain equipment inventory (CCEI)- a software that can be used to better manage information systems for cold chain management.
This report summarizes the results of performance indicators in a few selected districts and health facilities in Uganda with data from electronic health record system called MyChild. The report is...
Michael Pluscauskas, Katherine Atkinson, Kumanan Wilson, Cameron Bell
A free iPhone app was designed to help parents in Ontario track their children's vaccination records. It was launched in the iTunes app store on 20 November 2012. There were 4867 downloads in the...
W. Ricciardi, E. Franco, A. Mele, C. de Waure, S. Longhi, M.E Tosti, A. Filia
OBJECTIVES: Periodic assessment of surveillance systems is recommended to verify whether they are appropriately monitoring the public health problem under surveillance. The aim of this study was to...
Shannon Stokley, Mehran Massoudi, John Stevenson, Igor Bulim
This article responds to a previous article regarding Clinical Assessment Software Application (CASA) designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), clarifying its purpose, use,...
Nexleaf Analytics
This presentation discusses Nexleaf- a technology and software that enables advanced temperature monitoring of refrigerators to ensure quality vaccines at the point of delivery.
Katherine M. Atkinson, Kumanan Wilson, Greg Penney
Digital technology has created an opportunity to reenvision the traditional immunization paper record. We describe our experience developing a government endorsed mobile immunization record in...
Qiong Wu, Ye Li, Jeanne Catherine Koepsell, Lin Zhang, Ruikan Yang, Michelle Helena van Velthoven, Xiuqin Rao, Xiaozhen Du, Wei Wang, Li Chen, Yanfeng Zhang
BACKGROUND: Although good progress has been achieved in expanding immunization of children in China- disparities exist across different provinces. Information gaps both from the service supply and...
Nathan A. Bunker, Laura L. King, G. Brady Kerr, Leila C. Sahni, Rachel M. Cunningham, Julie A. Boom
OBJECTIVES: Immunization forecasting systems evaluate patient vaccination histories and recommend the dates and vaccines that should be administered. We described the conceptualization- development-...
Michelle Butler, Elissa Elvidge, Jody Stephenson, Craig Dalton, Sarah Moberley, Patrick Cashman, David N. Durrheim
Vaxtracker is a web based survey for active post marketing surveillance of Adverse Events Following Immunisation. It is designed to efficiently monitor vaccine safety of new vaccines by early signal...