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MoH Rwanda
Leveraging the existing digital infrastructure for the COVID-19 vaccination response in Rwanda
MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity Project
This Findings Report includes an overview of the MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity project’s global mapping of private sector interventions supporting COVID-19 efforts,...
Lisa Menning
0:00 - Summary of the latest evidence and open research questions, Julie Leask. 16:10 - Evidence and lessons learned on social sciences analytics around vaccination in the Democratic Republic of...
Simone Carter, UNICEF
Results from vaccination surveys during Ebola outbreaks in the DRC and guidance for better use of social sciences analytics and vaccination in humanitarian settings
Bull City Learning, World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF
A case study has been published to share information about some of the change management and motivational strategies deployed by UNICEF and WHO to support high levels of participation in the...
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and the International Centre for Humanitarian Affairs
The effort towards improving the health of the population in Kenya continues to produce results driven by accurate and timely data. Over the past three decades, the country has witnessed impressive...
Katerini T. Storeng
Lauded for getting specific health issues onto national and international agendas and for their potential to improve value for money and outcomes, public-private global health initiatives (GHIs) have...
International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC)
As countries prepare to introduce IPV, there is an opportunity to leverage lessons learned from countries that have already introduced the vaccine. The purpose of this document is to give an in-depth...
Ahd Hamidi
A novel way of manufacturing: case study low-cost inactivated polio vaccine
Anna Ong-Lim
Why was there a loss of vaccine confidence in the Philippines? What were the consequences of this confidence crisis? How was this issue addressed?