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Michelle Seidel, Ranjit Dhiman, Nitant Mate
This is the presentation of a webinar session called 'Estimating Carbon Emissions for Delivering Immunization Program globally' held by UNICEF and TechNet-21. Reaching every child with a shot of...
Lisa Menning
This BeSD framework analysis template should be used to analyse qualitative data resulting from BeSD in-depth interviews. These templates are available for the COVID-19 vaccination surveys, and can...
Lisa Menning
BeSD COVID-19 vaccination survey: ODK form for digital data collection
Lisa Menning
BeSD childhood vaccination survey: ODK form for digital data collection
This document gives a summary of key topics that will be covered in plenary and breakout sessions during the 17th TechNet Conference. The full agenda will be released in August 2023.
World Health Organization (WHO); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
These are comprehensive slides decks and complement the guidance document, for regions and country users.
World Health Organization (WHO); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
The compendium deck for communicating the integration narrative to countries, from which few slides discussed during the meeting were extracted. The deck is structured across 6 major segments:...
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), MM Global Health Consulting (MMGH), World Health Organization (WHO)
Draft developed by WHO in collaboration with MMGH Consulting based on country questions and in alignment with the content of the WHO – UNICEF guidance on Considerations for integrating COVID-19...
Mayur B. Wanjari, Seema Yelne, Roshan Prasad, Arpita Jaiswal, Divyansh M. Budhia
This review article aims to examine the impact of pandemics on childhood vaccination programs, specifically looking at the examples of polio and coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The article...
World Health Organization (WHO); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
This document addresses some questions about purpose and use of this COVID-19 vaccine integration mapping tool
World Health Organization (WHO); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
This document lays out key programmatic considerations essential for moving from mass campaigns for COVID-19 vaccination to integrating COVID-19 vaccination into immunization programmes, PHC and...
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, World Health Organization (WHO); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
The COVID-19 Vaccine Integration Mapping Tool has been developed through a collaborative partnership between UNICEF, WHO, Gavi, and partners. In developing this tool, regional and country offices as...
Ministry of Health
This case study from Colombia presents the activities carried out to mainstream the delivery of COVID-19 vaccination into the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) through planning and...
Chairs Kristen Earle and Andrew Pollard
Narendra Arora, INCLEN; Naor Bar-Zeev, WHO; Rudzani Muloiwa, U. Cape Town; Deborah Watson-Jones, LSHTM
Chair: Lee Hall
KP Asante, Kintampo Health Research Centre; Birgitte Giersing, WHO; Noni MacDonald, Dalhousie U.; Helen Matzger, BMGF
Soumya Basu, Gayathri Ashok, Reetika Debroy, Sudha Ramaiah, Paul Livingstone, Anand Anbarasu
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) threat is subsiding through extensive vaccination worldwide. However, the pandemic imposed major disruptions in global immunization programs and has aggravated the...
Ibrahim Dadari, Rachel V. Belt, Ananya Iyengar, Arindam Ray, Iqbal Hossain, Daniel Ali, Niklas Danielsson, Samir V. Sodha
The 2021 WHO and UNICEF Estimates of National Immunization Coverage (WUENIC) reported approximately 25 million under-vaccinated children in 2021, out of which 18 million were zero-dose children who...
Kirsten Ward
The Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) aims to ensure that all people benefit from recommended immunizations throughout the life course, integrated with essential health services. This session is...
World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
This deck gives programmatic and operational guidance on how to integrate COVID-19 vaccination into immunization, PHC and other health activities. It follows the Considerations for integrating...
Rebecca Alban, Tafwirapo Chihana, Chifuniro Chiyendausiku
Presentation of the webinar session on "Leveraging CHWs to vaccinate: A review of the global landscape & lessons from Malawi"
The ROTA Council
This rotavirus-focused brief covers the economic costs of rotavirus disease and the value of vaccines.
World Health Organization (WHO)
Each year, WHO’s World malaria report offers in-depth information on the latest trends in malaria control and elimination at global, regional and country levels. The report highlights progress...
Chair: Noni MacDonald, Dalhousie U.
KP Asante, Kintampo HRC; Kevin Kee-Jong Hong, Gachon U.; Mark Jit, LSHTM; Julie Leask, U. Sydney
Chair: Lee Hall
Katherine O’Brien, World Health Organization, Youngmee Jee, Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency
World Health Organization (WHO)
The RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine. Significantly reduces malaria and life-threatening severe malaria. Since 2019, delivered in childhood vaccination in 3 country-led pilots.
Chair: Samir Sodha, WHO
Jon Abramson, Wake Forest U.; Melkamu Ayalew, MoH Ethiopia; Aboubacar Kampo, UNICEF; Abdul Momin Kazi, Aga Khan U; C. Edson Utazi, U. Southampton
Laura Nic Lochlainn
The Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) aims to ensure that all people benefit from recommended immunizations throughout the life course, integrated with essential health services. This session is...
Chair: Charlie Weller, Wellcome
Bartholomew Akanmori, U. Ghana; Karin Bok, NIH; Martin Friede, WHO; Ana Maria Henao Restrepo, WHO; Gustavo Santos, IVI; Melanie Saville, CEPI; Tonya Villafana, Astra Zeneca
Chairs: Sinead Delany-Moretlwe, UWits; Peter Dull, BMGF
Mohammad Mamun Alam, ICDDR,B; Timothy Chege, KEMRI-WT; Debasu Damtie, U. of Gondar; Chang-Yuil Kang, Cellid; Chul Kim, Progeneer Inc.; Josphat Kiprop Kosgei, 0; Dal-Hee Min, Lemonex Inc.; Hitt...
Abdul Momin Kazi, Aga Khan University
GVIRF Presentation
Chairs: Shahida Baqar, NIAID; Alejandro Cravioto, UNAM
Fred Cassels, PATH; Ruth Karron, JHU; Michelo Simuyandi, CIDRZ; Annelies Wilder-Smith, WHO
Chair: Philippe-Alexandre Gilbert, BMGF
Jean-Pierre Amorij, UNICEF; Seong Baik-Lin, Vaccine Innovative Technology Alliance-Korea; Mathias Garny, Univercells; Ana Jaklenec, MIT; Jae Myun Lee, Yonsei U.; Rachel Park, Eubiologics
Chairs: Jessica Martinez, BMGF; Raman Rao, Hilleman Labs
Alice Chen, U. Southern Cal.; Hani Kim, RIGHT Foundation; Jin Park, SK Bioscience; Rachel Park, Eubiologics; Kasturi Rangan, Harvard U.; Lynda Stuart, BioNTech; Yi Wang, Nat. U. of Singapore
Chair: Melanie Saville, CEPI
Peter Andersen, Novo Nordisk Foundation; Darin Edwards, Moderna; Michael Egan, CastleVax; Peter Openshaw, Imperial College; Ryan Thwaites, Imperial College; Chunlin Xin, CanSino
Chairs: Jerome Kim, IVI; Annie Mo, NIAID
Plenary 3 begins at 20:00. Ashley Birkett, PATH; Mark Hatherill, SATVI; Shan Lu, China NMCID; Punnee Pitisuttithum, Mahidol U; Lynda Stuart, BioNTech
Chair: Martin Friede, WHO
Mahima Datla, Biological E Ltd.; Nicaise Ndembi, African Union; Melanie Saville, CEPI; Patrick Tippoo, AVMI; Marta Tufet, Gavi
Chairs: Sue Ann Clemens, Oxford U.; Max Silverman, BMGF
Nathalie Garcon, Bioaster; Harry Kleanthous, SK Bioscience; Jerry Sadoff, Janssen; Lynda Stuart, BioNTech
Chairs: Carolyn Deal, NIAID; Ruth Karron, JHU
Arnaud Didierlaurent, U. Geneve; Mindy Miner, Fred Hutchinson; Tarun Saluja, IVI; Anna Seale, BMGF
World Health Organization (WHO)
The costing tool enables the user to estimate the value of incremental (additional) resources required to add the HPV vaccine to an existing immunization programme. That is, it only estimates the...
Documenting the change of approach in Cote d’Ivoire from a single fixed site to multiple outreach sites
Webinar presentation covering staffing models for the Yopougon and Kinshasa high volume vaccination sites
Lessons learned from establishing high volume sites in CI and DRC, including staffing and costing information, along with key points related to demand and community engagement.