Auditing the quality of immunization data in Tunisia

Author: Chahed- Mohamed Kouni; Bellali- Hedia; Alaya- Nissaf Ben; Ali- Mrabet & Mahmoudi- Belgacem
Tags: Data quality , ICT


OBJECTIVE To carry out a data quality audit for the consistency and quality of immunization monitoring in Kasserine governorate in Tunisia- where immunization coverage rates more than 100%- negative dropout and conflicting coverage rates had been reported. METHODS In a randomly selected sample of 12 primary health care facilities in 2 districts all files used to record immunization data were checked to verify the accuracy of the reported 3rd dose of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine during a calendar year. RESULTS The results found frequent over-reporting or under-reporting of doses being administrated in all health facilities. The regional verification factor was estimated as 85% and quality index was 55%. CONCLUSIONS Data quality audit provides a effective tool for self-assessment implementation and developing a critical analysis of the quality of routine immunization data at all levels of health service.


Type Journal article
Country Tunisia
Link http
Journal Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease
Volume 3
Year 2013
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