Understanding women’s, caregivers’, and providers’ experiences with home-based records: A systematic review of qualitative studies

Author: Olivia Magwood, Victoire Kpadé, Ruh Afza, Chinedu Oraka, Jennifer McWhirter, Sandy Oliver, Kevin Pottie


Mothers, caregivers, and healthcare providers in 163 countries have used paper and electronic home-based records (HBRs) to facilitate primary care visit. These standardized records have the potential to empower women, improve the quality of care for mothers and children and reduce health inequities. This review examines experiences of women, caregivers and providers with home-based records for maternal and child health and seeks to explore the feasibility, acceptability, affordability and equity of these interventions.


Type Journal article
Language English
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PubMed URL https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0204966
Journal PLoS One
Volume 13
Publisher PLoS
Year 2018
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