Trend in proportions of missed children during polio supplementary immunization activities in the African Region: Evidence from independent monitoring data 2010–2012

Author: Joseph Okeibunor et al.


Highlights •Proportion of children missed declined consistently during polio supplementary immunization activities in the Region. •Proportion of missed children however remains a challenge in some clusters of the WHO African Region. •There is greater improvement in clusters, where monitoring of implementation is intense. •Monitoring and coordination are very important if the polio eradication goals are to be attained. •Coordination is enhanced through teleconferences with field implementers at relative low cost – travel time and manhour.


Type Journal article
Language English
Country Not Specified
Journal Vaccine
Volume 32
Publisher Elseiver
Year 2014
Disease , Measles , Meningcoccal meningtitis , Yellow Fever
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