Design and simulation study of the immunization Data Quality Audit (DQA).

Author: Woodard- Stacy; Archer- Linda; Zell- Elizabeth; Ronveaux- Olivier & Birmingham- Maureen
Tags: Data quality


The goal of the Data Quality Audit (DQA) is to assess whether the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization-funded countries are adequately reporting the number of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis immunizations given- on which the shares" are awarded. Given that this sampling design is a modified two-stage cluster sample (modified because a stratified rather than a simple random sample of health facilities is obtained from the selected clusters)/ the formula for the calculation of the standard error for the estimate is unknown. An approximated standard error has been proposed and the first goal of this simulation is to assess the accuracy of the standard error. Results from the simulations based on hypothetical populations were found not to be representative of the actual DQAs that were conducted. Additional simulations were then conducted on the actual DQA data to better access the precision of the DQ with both the original and the increased sample sizes."


Type Journal article
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Journal Annals of epidemiology
Volume 17
Year 2007
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