Economic Review of Immunization Information Systems to Increase Vaccination Rates: A Community Guide Systematic Review.

Author: Patel- Mona; Pabst- Laura; Chattopadhyay- Sajal; Hopkins- David; Groom- Holly; Myerburg- Stuart & Morgan- Jennifer Murphy


CONTEXT:: A recent systematic review found that use of an immunization information system (IIS) is an effective intervention to increase vaccination rates. The purpose of this review was to evaluate costs and benefits associated with implementing- operating- and participating with an IIS. The speed of technology change has had an effect on costs and benefits of IIS and is considered in this review. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION:: An economic evaluation for IIS was conducted using methods developed for Community Guide systematic reviews. The literature search covered the period from January 1994 to March 2012 and identified 12 published articles and 2 government reports. EVIDENCE SYNTHESIS:: Most studies involving cost data evaluated (1) system costs of building an IIS and (2) cost of exchanging immunization data/ most economic benefits focused on administrative efficiency. CONCLUSIONS:: A major challenge to evaluating a technology-based intervention is the evolution that comes with technology improvements and advancements. Although the cost and benefit data may be less applicable today due to changes in system technology- data exchange methods- availability of vendor support- system functionalities- and scope of IIS- it is likely that more up-to-date estimates and comprehensive estimates of benefits would support the findings of cost savings in this review. More research is needed to update and address limitations in the available evidence and to enable assessment of economic costs and benefits of present-day IIS.This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 License- where it is permissible to download and share the work provided it is properly cited. The work cannot be changed in any way or used commercially.


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Journal Journal of public health management and practice : JPHMP
Year 2014
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