Achieving immunization targets with the comprehensive effective vaccine management (EVM) framework


The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are intensifying and coordinating efforts to catalyse immunization supply chain improvements and performance in countries through the comprehensive EVM framework – a four-step strategy for continuous immunization supply chain improvement, quality management, optimization and innovation. The comprehensive EVM framework builds on the success of the EVM initiative launched in 2010 to help countries evaluate the performance of their immunization supply chains, and benchmark this performance against best-practice standards. In five years, the EVM initiative has helped to uncover important shortcomings in the performance of many countries’ immunization supply chains. Addressing these has required a comprehensive rethink of how WHO and UNICEF, together with the global immunization community, can more effectively catalyse immunization supply chain improvements in countries. To that end, this joint statement: 1. Reiterates the vital role of immunization supply chains in achieving vaccination coverage and equity targets set by the GVAP; 2. Summarizes the evidence indicating that vaccines are not always available when needed; that weak cold chain systems are putting vaccines at risk and delaying new vaccine introduction; and that vaccines are wasted as a result of poor supply chain management; 3. Describes the comprehensive EVM framework and how WHO and UNICEF will work together to promote its use to achieve health and immunization outcomes in countries.