Technet Conference Report: 2004


The Antalya 2004 consultation, organized back-to-back with the Technology and Operations Panel meeting, welcomed a total of 105 participants including 15 participants representing national immunization programmes from all continents. The Technet consultation started with a half-day satellite session, "Training Works", organized jointly with JHPIEGO an affiliate to the Johns Hopkins University, followed by the three-day TechNet meeting proper, which ran from 23 to 25 March 2004. This report is a summary of the presentations and discussions.


Type Document
Language English
Country Turkey
Publisher WHO
Year 2004
Disease , Hepititis B , Diphtheria , Haemophilus influenzae , Human papillomavirus , Japanese encephalitis , Measles , Mumps , Pertussis , Poliomyelitis , Rubella , Tetanus
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