Planning and implementing high-quality supplementary immunization activities for injectable vaccines using an example of measles and rubella vaccines

Author: Alya Dabbagh
Tags: SIA , WHO


The purpose of this field guide is to provide comprehensive information on planning and implementing high-quality SIAs for injectable vaccines and highlight the opportunities to strengthen RI and surveillance. The guide uses measles–rubella SIAs as the main example throughout, but the information provided aims to be applicable to SIAs delivering any injectable vaccine. It can serve as a reference for the preparation of regional/national SIA field guides and materials. This field guide is intended to offer immunization programme managers and their partners a methodology and tools to ensure a successful SIA through: proper and timely planning and preparation including development of a budget for funding by government and/or donors, and use of the SIA.


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Publisher WHO
Year 2016
Disease Measles , Rubella
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