Using Technology to Affect Influenza Vaccine Coverage Among Children With Chronic Respiratory Conditions


Introduction Influenza presents additional burdens for children with chronic respiratory conditions. Influenza vaccinations may reduce complications, yet approximately half of children remain unprotected. Evidence supports integration of text and e-mail into multicomponent strategies to increase influenza vaccination rates among children with chronic respiratory conditions. Methods A single text and e-mail message was sent to those with enabled preferences in the patient portal. A follow-up survey assessed aspects of message receipt. Surveys were completed without collection of demographics. Results A total of 3,206 messages were successfully delivered. Surveys were initiated by 107 recipients. Frequency analysis showed that text and e-mail messages were preferred forms of communication. A statistically significant relationship was found between receiving a message and receiving an influenza vaccination (p = .027). Discussion Text and e-mail messaging are cost effective and well received, and they can be easily integrated into existing systems. These methods are translatable across populations and can convey various types of messages.