Eliminate Yellow fever Epidemics (EYE): a global strategy, 2017–2026


Work on the revised strategy, “EYE” (Eliminate Yellow fever Epidemics), started in July 2016 during the Angola and DRC outbreaks. A meeting of partners in September 2016 brought together agencies, individual experts and other entities contributing to the efforts of eliminating YF epidemics. The meeting was instrumental in forming agreements on the principles of the EYE strategy and in preparing an improved draft which was submitted to the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on immunization (SAGE) in October 2016 for endorsement. Shortly thereafter, the draft strategy was submitted to the GAVI Programme and Policy Committee, and in December 2016 to the GAVI board, which endorsed the strategy and pledged substantial additional means for its implementation. Amid ongoing consultation with partners regarding the implementation plan for 2017–2020 and a work plan for the initial year, 2017, an inception meeting for the new strategy was held in February 2017 which focused on governance structure, decision-making processes and implementation principles. The topics and composition of technical working groups were also discussed.