Consultancy services for conducting an evaluation of immunisation coverage monitoring methodology and process

Author: Wolfgang Weber, EHG Xavier Bosch-Capblanch, SCIH/STI


Good quality immunization data are crucial for an accurate monitoring of progress towards immunization related targets. The accuracy of immunization data has raised serious concerns. Immunisation coverage figures from various sources referring to the same similar geographical area or target group are often inconsistent. The survey aims at describing the perceptions and experience of selected immunisation stakeholders in relation to the use, quality and ways to improve immunisation coverage data. A web-based questionnaire was elaborated, piloted and sent out to around 250 institutions involved in immunisation programmes including funding and research agencies, health policy decision makers, technical experts, and managers of immunisation programmes in 80 countries. This report presents data from 55 responses, mainly from EPI managers and WHO / UNICEF offices at country level. Further information expected from global funding agencies, research institutions and technical organisations will be included in the final survey report. Findings have to be interpreted with caution because responses may not necessarily reflect true opinions or facts. Administrative data is the most common source of data used


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