Summary Report from the Training for the comprehensive analysis of vaccination coverage surveys (Kathmandu, Nepal)


From 21 to 24 February 2017, 25 participants from Ministries of Health, National Statistics Offices and research institutes from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Nepal and Thailand, plus World Health Organization (WHO) officials from South East Asia and the Western Pacific, and a person from WHO Inter-Country Support team for South and East Africa, in addition to the Swiss Tropical Institute and two consultants joined the “Training for the comprehensive analysis of vaccination coverage surveys”. The training was facilitated by WHO, UNICEF, and 5 consultants, 2 of whom were participants in the “Statistical Training on the 2015 WHO Vaccination Coverage Survey Reference Manual” in Madrid, Spain in 2016. The objectives of the “Training for the comprehensive analysis of vaccination coverage surveys” were to have participants: 1. Understand the recommendations from the WHO Vaccination Coverage Cluster Survey Reference Manual 2. Recognize not only the most common immunization indicators obtained from vaccination coverage surveys, but also other indicators that can provide further insights into the performance of Immunization Programmes 3. Use weighting for data analysis, as appropriate 4. Adapt and use the “Vaccination Coverage Quality Indicators (VCQI)” to analyse existing survey data, and 5. Help plan and implement Vaccination Coverage Cluster Surveys