The National Center for Health Statistics recently released the data brief from its 2015 National Health Interview Survey. Key findings from the survey data include: • Among adults aged 65 and over, more than two-thirds had an influenza vaccine in the past 12 months (69.0%) • More than one in two adults aged 65 and over had a tetanus vaccine in the past 10 years (56.9%) • More than 6 of 10 adults aged 65 and over had ever had a pneumococcal vaccine (63.6%), while a little more than one-third had ever had a shingles vaccine (34.2%) • Among adults aged 65 and over, vaccination coverage was highest for non-Hispanic white adults compared with non-Hispanic black and Hispanic adults • Vaccination coverage was lowest among poor adults aged 65 and over • Older adults have greater susceptibility to and complications from disease and so, they stand to benefit greatly from vaccinations as a preventive health measure. This report describes the receipt of an influenza vaccination in the past 12 months, at least one dose of pneumococcal vaccine, a one-time dose of shingles vaccine, and a tetanus booster in the last 10 years among community-dwelling adults aged 65 and over. Data are presented by sex, age group, race and ethnicity, and poverty status.