National Immunization Scorecard: Jan-Sept. 2017


Nigeria over the last few years has been unable to fully fund its immunization needs. This was largely attributed to dwindling national resources, rising cost of vaccine, inadequate yearly budgetary allocation and untimely releases. After rebasing its economy, Nigeria’s GNI rose to US$ 2690, exceeding the eligibility threshold of US$ 1580 for Gavi support. In line with that, Nigeria has now entered a transition period spanning 2017 to 2021, during which GAVI subsidies for vaccine procurement will diminish by 20% every year for ve years, after which Nigeria is expected to bear the full cost for her vaccines. While the transition is in motion and due to inadequate yearly budgetary allocation and irregular releases, Nigeria is facing challenges to meet up its co-funding and in line with that in 2015 and 2017 respectively secured a World Bank IDA Loan of $200m and $125m to ensure uninterrupted vaccine procurement that will cater for its needs up to 2018.