Vaccine Management Handbook: How to calculate vaccine volumes and cold chain capacity requirements - WHO IVB 17.06


This module describes how to calculate vaccine volumes and evaluate the cold chain capacity requirements of a vaccine supply chain. This module also provides guidance on how to calculate cold chain storage needs for coolant-packs and the dry-storage capacity needed for immunization-related commodities. The most basic question for those who are managing vaccine distribution is whether there is sufficient cold chain capacity to store and deliver all the required vaccine products at the recommended temperatures at all points of the vaccine supply chain. To ensure that sufficient cold chain capacity is available where and when it is needed, it is important to: recognize the impact of vaccine presentations and packaging on vaccine storage volumes; know how to translate vaccine needs into annual vaccine volumes and vaccine storage volumes; estimate the net storage capacity provided by all models of cold chain equipment; identify and quantify cold chain capacity gaps; and explore the range of solutions that can potentially address capacity gaps.